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Skull and Cross Bones

The skull and cross bones is a symbol connected to pirates and Templars. They appear infrequently in church architecture and are supposed to strike fear into the heart of those that cast eyes upon them. Well imagine what happens when you are on holiday in Spain and stumble across a room filled with them. These are the most amazing pictures on this site, take a look. I apologise in advance for the amount of pictures on the page and the time it will take to download. Its well worth the wait believe me!

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More skull and cross bones amongst the most amazing collection of decorated grave stones I have ever seen, and all in the churchyard of a tiny village hidden away on the wild West coast of Scotland. The area is linked to Templars & Freemasons and as such attracts a lot of interest. There is also a much older history to the area with prehistoric burial cairns littering the area. Quite astoundingly the "primitive" builders of the cairns managed to line them up over long distances creating straight lines and geometric patterns. This is a very interesting area which I would dearly love to go back to and research much better.

Byards Leap

An odd little Lincolnshire hamlet, with an odd witch story. Passed unnoticed by hundreds of speeding motorists each day.

The Swastika

Finding a Swastika carved into the stone of a Templar church aroused my interest. I knew that the swastika had an older history than WWII, but not a lot else. Well there is a very old history to this much maligned symbol, check out some of it here. There is also a link to the Friends of the Swastika web ring, a bunch of people interested in the history of the swastika.

Temple Mount Tunnels

I just know you've always yearned to know how many wells and tunnels there are under Temple Mount. So here's the list. I bet you didn't know they had names though!

Bolingbroke Castle

Significant in the civil war, demolished by royalty. The once awesome Bolingbroke castle, pictures of today and reconstructions of yesterday.

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