The Knights Templar in Britain

The Templars held extensive amounts of land in Britain, and built at least 7 of their famous round churches. As the site develops I shall include as much information, on as many of the Templar sites in Britain as I can. If you have any pictures or information that I could use I would be very pleased to receive it. I am particularly interested in what there is to see now, so that anyone interested can follow the lead and explore for themselves the magic of the Templars. Click on the site names below to get to the information. Keep coming back to this page to see if the list has grown!

Cambridge Cowton
Garway Penhill
Ribston South Witham
Temple Bruer Temple Hirst
Temple Church London Temple, Scotland
Westerdale Dover
Temple Ewell Temple, Cornwall
Photographs by Simon Brighton  
Temple Bruer Temple Church London
Temple Cornwall Garway
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 Photographs of finds from the South Witham Preceptory site.  

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