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Read the description, and simply click on the picture if you want to order it.

Templar Links

Check out the entry for Templar in the encyclopaedia. It has some interesting side links to relevant material.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Author Stephen Dafoe of The Warriors and the Bankers fame, has his own Templar site, and it is a mine of information. Just don't forget to come back here again!

For a superbly designed and informative site, check the link below. If my site looked half as good I would be very pleased.

The ultimate links page?

Possibly. This person has put a lot of work in setting up all of these links. If you are at all interested in the Templars go to this page and see what is available. No pretty banners to click on just click HERE.

Royston Cave. Templar? Maybe, maybe not. Check it out make your own mind up.

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